selected clips

jonathan gold on nha trang — good food (kcrw)
the rogue 99: l.a. taco’s 2018 essential restaurant guide — l.a. taco

deep dives
faq: everything you wanted to know about tipping — los angeles times [current as of january 2016]
jazz at the strip mall: the story of the southern thai joint in east hollywood — lucky peach, republished on l.a. taco
about los angeles — medium

profiles & interviews
young guns 2018: how christine larroucau keeps things running at LA’s buzziest restaurant — eater
this cuban immigrant family has been keeping Los Angeles caffeinated for half a century
— los angeles times
talking with john t. edge about Southern food, in and out of l.a. — los angeles times
how elizabeth hong went from serving banchan for her allowance to Mozza executive chef — los angeles times
alexandra suh: the labor advocate who took on urasawa — la weekly
sonia hong: irv’s burgerista — la weekly
interview with dora and socorro herrera, owner of yuca’s
 —la taco
interview with kings & lakers organist dieter ruehle — la taco

is 2017 the year of the los angeles cookbook? — los angeles times
why we should examine our culinary vocabulary — lucky peach
‘off the menu: asian America’ filmmaker talks flamin’ hot cheetos sushi and food authenticity — los angeles times
q&a with good girl dinette’s diep tran: the politics of breakfast and fielding questions about one’s heritage — la weekly

koreatown coffee shop guide — los angeles times [part of the koreatown issue]
7 l.a. cookbooks you’ll want on your kitchen shelf — los angeles times
a guide to pho — lucky peach
how to make hand pies — lucky peach 
how to make vegan eggless eggs — lucky peach
coffee l.a.

the joy of 45-cent coffee at philippe’s — los angeles times
how a small los angeles design firm is changing the way the world drinks coffee — food republic 
in Los Angeles, connecting micro lots with coffee nuts (via video phone) — sprudge

graphics & fun
flowchart: where to pie in los angeles — the pies in the sky
what’s in a name — lucky peach // see also: 5 punny names for future phở restaurants — la weekly
new app LikeGrandmaMade tells you which ethnic foods are authentic  — la weekly [happy april fools’ day]
flowchart: soup dumplings  — la weekly